This document consists of 2 parts, explaining in a step by step the process of:

  1. Course Enrollment.
  2. User Enrollment.

To enroll multiple users into a course or enroll a single user in multiple courses, you must have the Manager role assigned in Learning Management. Please follow the given steps below or if you would like to watch a video tutorial please click on the link given below.

Video Link:

Course Enrollment

  • On your Iomad dashboard, click on Courses.

  •  In Courses, click on User Enrollments.

  • Click on the drop-down list of Select course to enroll into to view and select a course.

  • After selecting a course, select a single user or multiple users from Right Panel and click Enroll to enroll multiple users into that course.
  • After clicking Enroll, the selected user/users will be shown in the left panel under Enrolled Students.

  • A user can now see his enrollment status on the dashboard under Courser Overview.

User Enrollment

  • On the dashboard, click Users.

  • Click Edit Users.

  • On the rightmost side of the screen Click User Controls and then click on Change Course Enrollments to enroll that user into any course.

  • From this dashboard, select courses and click Enroll to assign single or multiple courses to the user.
  • After clicking on Enroll, the selected courses will be visible in the left panel under Enrolled Courses.

As shown in the last snapshot of Course Enrollment, the courses will be visible on User's Dashboard under Course Overview when he opens Learning Management from Predict360.