Add & set Access on Folder in DMS

To add a new folder & set access settings on a folder in Document Management please follow the given steps below or if you would like to watch video tutorial please click on the video link given below.

You can also set an Approver for a folder if no approver was set at the time of its creation.

Note: An Approver cannot be set for system-generated Folders.


Video Link:

  • Open the Navigation Panel from the 3 blue bars on the top left-hand side of the screen, now click on the Document Management and then click on the Company Document.

  • Click on the Create Folder button.

  • Fill out the required fields as per your requirement and then click the Create button. The require folder will be created.

  • Once the folder is created, you can set Access Settings for users accordingly, click on the Action button and select Access Settings.

  • Fill out the required fields as per your requirement and then click the Save button. 
  • You can set access settings for everyone in the organization to view a folder or grant limited access to Users, User Group and Organizational Group.

If you want to set an approver on a folder that has already been created and an approver was not set at the time of the creation of the folder. Please see the steps below:

  • Go to Document Management > Company Documents.
  • Click on Action and then Set Approver for the folder you want to set an Approver.

  • Either type the name of the user or select a user from the drop-down list and then click Save.