Document Acknowledgement Workflow

Following are the steps for Document Acknowledgment workflow process or if you would like to watch video tutorial please click on the video link given below. 

Video Link:

  •  Go to the Company Document under the DMS module.

  • Select the document which needs to be acknowledged, clicks on Action and then click Initiate Workflow.

  • Select Acknowledgement workflow, fill out the required fields and then hit Apply (document will be assigned to the user and it will be in Awaiting Acknowledgement Status).

  • The user which is assigned for this document will go to Assigned to me

  • Here the user will be able to see which documents are awaiting for the acknowledgment or approval. Click on Action and then select Take Action.

  • User will see two option shown as below, click save once the action and message fields are filled up (Document status will be changed to its action accordingly).